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Biographie one stop Air Freight China To Yemen Keensta is a young & dynamic global logistics company in China. Together with a group of well experienced staffs of more than 10 years鈥?experience, we established Keensta and have a fast development for the past 3 years. We focus on Air freight move from China, we have a large set-up at the airports all around China, Beijing (PEK), Shanghai (PVG), Shenzhen (SZX), Guangzhou(CAN), Zhengzhou(CGO), Hongkong(HKG), Chengdu(CTU), Xiamen(XMN), etc. We have contracts with many airlines CA/ CZ/ MF/ GA/ LH/ KL/ CI/ SQ/ SU/ BR/ KE/ UPS/ MU/ HU/ TG/ TK/ EK/ GI etc at China to ensure our client to get the first-hand competitive rates with reliable service. Our advantage is airfreight to Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Africa, Middle-east and south America, etc all around the world. We have been working in China and moving around the world with our dedicated global partners. Keensta offer end to end for the business supply chain, making sure that your goods are delivered port to port, door to port or door to door globally with 鈥淭ailor-Made Logistics Solution鈥?suits to the specific client鈥檚 need. Keensta also has extensive experience in Dangerous Goods, we have our own DG license HKG. Besides airfreight Keensta also an expert freight forwarding and Customs brokering providing sea, road forwarding, warehousing, and a multitude of transportation solutions. Aggressive in DDU and DDP services;Amazon FBA to USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. Keensta Principle: We do everything to satisfy our customers. We work with full dedication because of our corporate responsibility, professionalism, good partnership, and commitment of our team members to our clients. We conduct our business in accordance with high ethical standards. Transparency, integrity, and professionalism are our hallmarks because we believe in long-term mutual benefit for the client and ourselves. Keensta move from small parcel to moving an entire factory to the other side of the globe. The beneficial of our company is that almost all our staff can communicate in Chinese Therefore communications and misunderstanding will not be a issue. We Keensta Available 24/7 by phone or internet we are always at your disposal! We look forward building our clients businesses with you. Our Product our projectone stop Air Freight China To Yemen website: 
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