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Biographie China Concrete Pump Termination Relay suppliers Our History Changsha Eucoda Machinery Co.,Ltd. located on Changsha which is the capital city of construction machinery,nearby Sany, Zoomlion,Sunward,CRCHI Eucoda has a professional team with more than 17 years working experience in construction machinery industry, especially in the concrete machinery industry.Familiar with concrete machinery specification, spare parts code, material, processing technical. Eucoda team members focuses on provide concrete machinery spare parts, used machinery and training service. Our team exports products to America, Australia, Malaysia,Saudi, Philippines, Japan, Thailand,Israel,Ethiopia and several regions across the world, valued more than $6,000,000.00. Our Factory Manufacturers are suppliers for Zoomlion, Sany, XCMG, Putzmeister, Cifa,Junjin and other concrete equipment brands. Our Product Changsha Eucoda Machinery Co.,Ltd. provide spare parts锛寀sed machinery, training for truck mounted concrete pump, city pump,trailer pump, concrete placing boom, batching plant, truck mixer, spritz, Specially provide high quality and genuine spare parts.锛?/p> Wearing straight pipeline, quench pipes, single layer and double layer elbows,casting elbows, forging and casting couplings,alloy wearing plates and cutting rings,concrete cylinders,mixing system sealing, Hydraulic system parts,hydraulic oil pump, multiple valve, balance valve,hydraulic cylinder and sealing, hydraulic oil filter,control valve Electric system parts, remote control, battery, battery charger, touch screen,proximity switch, electric motor, Chassis spare part, chassis tyre, filters锛宺epair kits Product Application Our products suitable for Zoomlion, Sany, XCMG, Putzmeister, Schwing,Cifa,Junjin,Everdigm,and other brands concrete machinery. Our Certificate Products more than 10 years. 55 patents. Production Equipment Manufacturer have automatic molding equipment, constant temperature pouring equipment,automatic quench equipment, spheroidizing annealing equipment,Rockwell hardometer, thickness gauge Production Market Exported products to America, Australia, Malaysia,Saudi, Philippines, Japan, Thailand,Israel,Ethiopia and several regions across the world, valued more than $6,000,000.00. Our Service Selling before, carefully understanding customer鈥檚 inquiry, check concrete machinery produced year and month, confirm serial number, confirm control program version, spare parts dimension and pictures,etc., In selling, provide quotation including price, delivery time, receive address,destination port name, contacts, payment terms, feedback spare parts information etc. After selling, process spare parts, delivery in time, packing list with spare parts pictures,if any quality or wrong spare parts, Eucoda will take the responsibility.China Concrete Pump Termination Relay suppliers website: 
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