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Biographie <a href="">Wholesale Laser Cutting Machine</a> Product Introduction
The Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine mainly uses the laser beam emitted by the laser to generate heat energy, and cooperates with the motion mechanical system to realize the cutting of the pipe. The intelligent system controls the cutting of the pipe, which can improve the production efficiency. The automatic laser pipe cutting machine can professionally cut, automatically load and unload, automatically remove internal slag, and cut pipes easily without manual intervention.
The accuracy of Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is much higher. At the same time, because different materials may undergo slight deformations during processing, it can make corresponding adjustments according to these deformations to ensure the accuracy of pipe cutting. It is also unattainable by many traditional crafts. It also adopts centralized operation, which can provide flexible processing, automatic loading and unloading, and convenient and fast clamping. Using precision rack double drive mode, it is easy to maintain, basically maintenance-free. The use of imported special pipe cutting software and the core cutting technology are the fundamental guarantee for effectively saving materials and improving cutting efficiency.
We take honest management, technological innovation, and self-transcendence as our business philosophy to meet market demand for Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. We implement the training and care for employees, actively advocate "happy work and healthy life", and create a professional, orderly, harmonious and upward-looking humanistic environment. Our company has a long history of entrepreneurship, rich production experience, strong technical force, a large number of professional production and research and development personnel. We aim at product diversification, price rationalization and internationalization of sales.
Q1: What's package, will it protect the products?
A: We have 3 layers package. For the outside, we adopt wooden cases free of fumigation. In the middle, the machine is covered by foam, to protect the machine from shaking. For the inside layer, the machine is covered by waterproof plastic film.
Q2: What's delivery time?
A: Commonly, the lead time is within 5 working days after receiving the payment.
Q3: How is the shipping method?
A: As per your actual address, we can effect shipment by sea, by air, by truck or railway. Also we can send the machine to your office as per your requirement.Wholesale Laser Cutting Machine
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