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Biographie touch screen video bga rework station
Quick preview:
Promotional price! DH-A1L BGA Rework Machine, equipped with HD touch screen is now in stock. We devoted ourselves to bga rework & automatic machinery,covering most of India, Europe and the American market.We are expecting become your long time partner in China.

1. Specification
1 Power 4900W
2 Top heater Hot air 800W
3 Bottom heater
Iron heater Hot air 1200W, Infrared 2800W
4 Power supply AC220V卤10%50/60Hz
5 Dimension 640*730*580mm
6 Positioning V-groove, PCB support can be adjusted in any direction with external universal fixture
7 Temperature control K type thermocouple, closed loop control, independent heating
8 Temp accuracy 卤2 degrees
9 PCB size Max 500*400 mm Min 22*22 mm
10 BGA chip 2*2-80*80mm
11 Minimum chip spacing 0.15mm
12 External Temperature Sensor 1(optional)
13 Net weight 45kg
2.Main features of the DH-A1L BGA rework station
Main Features:
HD touch screen interface, PLC control.
Three independent heaters all can set 8 segments heating, cooling and constant temperature, saved temperature profile is unlimited. IR preheat area can be choosed according to PCB size
K sensor close control, control heating process precisely.
Powerful cross flow fan helps cooling the PCB board fast and prevents it from deformation.
V-groove PCB supporter for rapid, convenience and accurate positioning that fits for all kinds of PCB board.
Hot air nozzles can be adjusted in any direction
Sound hint system. There is a alarm before the completion of desoldering and soldering.
CE certification, with emergency switch and automatic power-off protection device when emergency happens

How to get the accurate temperature is the most importent aspect for reparing BGA chip.
DH-A1L bga rework station use HD touch screen interface, PLC control ,K sensor close loop controland automatic temperature compensation system. It combines with temperature module, which enables temperature accuracy to 卤2掳C.
Hot air nozzles, 360 degree rotation, easy to install and replace, customized is available.The external Iron station is very convenient for your work.

3.Why you should choose DH-A1L BGA rework station?

4. Related Knowledge锛?/strong>
Precautions method for heating:
With continuously heated conductive heating devices, the following guidelines and precautions should be observed:
- Must utilize a high-efficiency, closed-loop temperature controlled heating handpiece that has suf-ficient thermal output to keep up with thermal load of the work and duty cycle of the application
-Tip temperature can drop below desired level during heavy, continuous use if handpiece has insufficient thermal output
-Must establish good thermal linkage between tip and joint(s), and use appropriate tip geometry (shape) and for effective heat transfer
-Usually not effective on components whos solder joints are not accesible, e.g., BGA鈥榮
(Ball Grid Arrays) and chip components with bottom only terminations.
-Tip and work must be free of oxides and contaminates, and tip must be tinned for effective heat transfer
-Use of external flux or addition of additional solder sometimes necessary to achieve effective heat transfer
-For surface mount component removal, must often have precise match between tip and compo-nent geometry for effective heat transfer to all joints
-Contact may disturb component lead-to-land alignment, especially during SMD installation or realignment operations
-May transfer heat too rapidly for use with solder paste or sensitive components
-May obstruct view during alignment and reflow and interfere with joint formation during solder solidification
5.Detailed Images of DH-A1L BGA REWORK STATION

6. Packing & delivery details of DH-A1L BGA REWORK STATION

Delivery detials of DH-A1L BGA REWORK STATION
We will use FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT/EMS for fast and safe shipping. We will use the most convenient one when you buy the product.
路 Before shipping, we will pack every product well for you. And please check the outside package when you receive the parcel well
路 If you have special requirement for shipping, please let us know in advance.
1.Shipment will be done within 5 business days after receiving payment.
2.Fast delivery shipment by DHL,FedEX,TNT ,UPS and other ways including by sea or by air.

7. FAQ
Q:Do you provide the Warranty ? How about the after sales service ?
1 year warranty free for spare parts, Whole life technicial support.
We have professional after sales team, if any question, assistant videos are also provided in after-sale service.
Q: Is this machine easy to be operated? if I have no experience, can I also operate it well ?
Do you provide the user manual and operating videos to support us ?
A:Yes, our BGA machine is designed to use easily, Normally it will take you 2-3 hours to learn how to operate, if you are a technician, it will be much faster to learn.We will provide the English user manual for free , and the operation video is available. China Touch Screen Bga Rework Station manufacturers
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