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Biographie The real mini spy cam is a pinhole lens camera only needs a tiny hole to see through, which means that this tiny camera can be placed even further by placing it behind or inside an object or a box with just a tiny hole or slit to see through. Even though the camera is tiny the lens on the camera is 90 degrees which are wide enough to capture any room or office.
The three main parts (camera, circuit board, and battery) are able to be separated so it can fit into the tightest areas. This kit also includes an extra-long camera cable. There are several ways to configure this kit so it will work for many applications.
Sensor2MP CMOS
Lens angle110掳
Light sensitivity1.0Lux / IR 0.0 Lux
Light frequency60/50Hz
Video qualityHigh definition 1080P
Video formatAVI
Recording contentVideo, audio
Recording time per 1GB99min per 1GB
Video file length3min/33MB
Compression level128kbps~4Mbps
Data Rate802.11b:11Mbps(Max) 802.11g:54Mbps(Max)
Wireless standardIEEE 802.11b/g/n
Wireless SecurityWEP WPA WPA2 Encryption
AudioBuild-in Mic
Max memory cardMicro SD 128GB
Operating temp.14掳F - 140掳F
Night visionYes, 5 meters
IR LEDInvisible IR LED
Battery life5hours for 1500mAh
Power consumption300MA/3.7V
Motion detectionYes
FunctionsMotion activated, night vision, remote streaming
Operating systemSmart phone(ios/andriod)
PurposeHome, office, nanny camera
The real mini spy cam support SD card 128GB max.
The real mini spy cam is with 6M night vision to support 24/7 hours day and night recording.
The real mini spy cam can hidden into many objects to secure your home.
1. What is the distance the camera night vision lamp up to?
6 meters far.
2. Does it work normally when charging?
3. Which kind of objects it can hide in?
Bags, book shelf, empty box, dummy plugs, etc
4. What if the lens broken?
Contact with our customer service to change a new one.
5. How many GB SD card support max?
128GBMini Spy Camera
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