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Biographie Company Profile
MOOSEE is a brand of electronic cigarette from DATATECH. Datatech (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional electronic cigarette product research and development and brand operation company. It was founded in 2020 by a number of senior people from the fields of consumer electronics, manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods, and the Internet. The MOOSEE electronic cigarette brand will be released in 2021.
CEO's Message
We are good at discovering the mystery of atomization hidden in our taste buds. Only provide fans with a healthy, pleasant and comfortable atomization experience. With the spirit of ingenuity combined with new technology, to create electronic atomization products that meet the market demand. Let fashion and technology integrate to meet the public aesthetics.
Delicate taste comes from our attitude of "not going ahead", "not compromising" and "living up to" every consumer. Every product is a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship, for which we spend countless days and nights in constant improvement. Some may not understand our indomitable spirit, but we would like to say Don't limit yourself, everyone has infinite possibilities.
Team Introduced
The core members come from the fields of consumer electronics, manufacturing, FMCG, and the Internet, with rich experience and willingness to work hard
Based on long-term development, be pragmatic and realistic, and carry out work down-to-earth
Each perform their own duties, cooperate and divide labor to contribute to the development of the cause, and also keep pace with the times, learn new and advanced technology and experience
Company Certificate
R&D Capability
Company Mission
Abide by the law, consciously and strictly abide by national laws and regulations, prohibit all behaviors that cross the red line, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Duties, based on long-term development, focus on the electronic cigarette industry, concentrate on polishing products, do a good job in business services in compliance with laws and regulations, and do not make other diversification attempts to diversify before achieving the TOP5 status in the market; take responsibility, always keep in mind the society Responsibility, strictly require itself and its management partners to strictly prohibit the sale of e-cigarette products to minors, launch the Sunshine Guardian Action, persuade smokers to control the amount, and promise not to actively persuade non-smokers to buy e-cigarette products.
Corporate Vision
Through our efforts, let everyone feel a different self in a natural and pure place and create infinite possibilities of lifeChina Disposable Vape System factory
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