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Biographie DR Mobile X Ray Machine with Li-battery
Model Number: MX-DR056A15
MeCan Medical is the specialty manufacturer for Mobile Digital X Ray Machine, we have 5kw direct digital radiography system, 5.6kw mobile dr x ray machine, 32kw mobile DR and 50kw mobile DR, and we can do the OEM for you.
1. Wide range AC input with APFC integrated.
2. Soft switching technology, switching frequency is up to 200KHz.
3. Support 5.6kW and 320mAs exposure.
4. Support remote monitor with wireless communication integrated.
5. Big capacity battery pack, Achieving outdoor continuous working time of 8 hours.
6. Power density up to 275W/L.
7. High degree of software intelligence:filament automatic calibration, dual-filament automatic selection and complete fault diagnosis.
8. Operator panel seperated as human and veterinary according to different purpose.
Specification of our mobile x ray equipment:
InputProduct describtion/TypePortable X Ray Unit With聽Li-battery
Working frequency80-200KHz
Mains phase/voltage100-240VAC/48VDC,240.5Wh
OutputMAX Power5.6KW
kV Range40kV-125kV
mAs Range Non-AEC0.1-320mAS
Exposure Time Range2ms-10000ms
MBK PatametersNorminal Focal Storage0.6mm/1.8mm
Max Anode Heat Storage20kJ
Anode Disk Target Angle15"
Weightx-ray unit: 14.5kg
Wired Flat Panel Detector or wireless Flat Panel Detector can be optional
Flat Panel Detector for Human
Typea-Si+ Csl
Image size35*43cm35*43cm43*43cm43*43cm
14*17 inch14*17 inch17*17 inch17*17 inch
Pixel pitch(碌m)140
Pixels Matrix2560*30722560*30723072*30723072*3072
spatial resolution3.6 LP/mm3.6 LP/mm3.6 LP/mm3.6 LP/mm
Dimensions (cm)38.3*46*1.538.3*46*1.546*46*1.546*46*1.5
Water tightnessIP54IP54IP54IP54
Battery stand byNo7HNo7H
Test image of our Mobile DR X Ray Machine
1. What advantage of the MX-DR056A15 DR Mobile X Ray Machine With Li-battery?
Big capacity battery pack, Achieving outdoor continuous working time of 8 hours, and the mobile stand can be retracted and folded, it is can be loaded in ambulances, SUV cars, suitable for outdoors, livestock farms, horse farms, and power shortage places.
2. Why Choose聽 MeCan Medical?
聽MeCan Medical聽 have a young international team with many years鈥?experience cooperate with more than 2000 hospitals in medical equipment.
聽MeCan Medical聽 focus on design and supply innovation ,suitable and competitive medical x ray products.
3. How about MeCan Medical鈥檚 after-sale policy and term?聽
Guangzhou MeCan Medical Promise one/two years guarantee for regular items as usual.China Mobile DR manufacturers
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