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Biographie Our History
Mr. Brad a young designer and engineer who has worked in one foreign company for 4 years ,decide to make his own business . At that day , Baby Pretty was born . The founder give this new company a gene of innovation for baby's products .
After 3 years development ,Baby Pretty set up full production line from Design department to Injection department , Metal department ,Fabric cutting and printing , Sewing department , and Assemble department .
In order to expand our production capacity and satisfy our customers' requests , our second factory was founded.
After exporting goods to European and American market ,we accumulated lots of experience in providing high quality products . This year ,we released our own brand 鈥淏P鈥?鈥淕OYEE鈥? ,鈥淒ORA BABY鈥?in Chinese market.
Baby Pretty was recognized as high technology company by government because our investment in innovation .
Baby Pretty because of its big investment in innovation was invited to government high technology industrial zone with great supporting ,we moved our headquarter to one of the best high technology industrial zone in Xiamen .
We are preparing our third production base to satisfy customers' increasing requests . The new manufacturing base with about 100000 square meters will be our main production base .
We modified our production strategy ,and make 1st factory specialized in producing plastic items like baby potty ; 2nd factory specialized in producing High Chair Series ; 3nd factory specialized in producing Baby Playpen Series .
Our Dream
The dream of Baby Pretty is to become the leader in baby products and provide our babies the best , Baby Pretty people are on the way 鈥?

Baby Pretty is one of the world鈥檚 leading global durable baby products company, headquartered in Xiamen China , the city is called as SEA GARDEN. The group鈥檚 core capabilities lie in Research & Development ,design and quality manufacturing ,branding ,marketing and sales of baby products ,such as Baby Playpen ,High Chair , Baby potty , Baby Bath ,Baby bouncer and so on 鈥ith over 1000 employees worldwide ,BP group owns 3 Research and Development centers globally ,located in America ,Europe and Asia ; and owns 3 manufacture facilities located in Xiamen China . Every day, millions of parents count on the quality ,reliability and performance of our products .
We have been consolidating our businesses in North & South America, Europe and Asia . Already well known or our relable large scale and one-stop manufacturing capabilities ad our superior Research and Development capacity , we are updating and upgrading our knowledge and facilities for the global race towards market leadership .
Baby Pretty can provide full children product range service , OEM and ODM, for different regions ,different customer requirements . Every year we invest over 10% revenue on R&d, Holding more than 360 patents of product design, new technology and new material application . To be most powerful engine to drive Baby Pretty 鈥榮 business ,R&D keep being core of company ,best bridge link with customers .
Our Values
-Making products with parents鈥?heart
-Keeping baby safe is our top priority
-Offering baby a happy childhood memory
Luxury Baby High Chair factory
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