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Biographie low price NETS Balcony Privacy Fence is some kind of finished netting product made by HDPE, the production procedure is similar to shading net, the net rolls are cut into pieces based on the balcony's length and height.
The Balcony Privacy Fence is made of polyethylene fiber with high weaving density. Because it uses high-density polyethylene fiber, the shading rate is very strong, up to 95%, and almost all harmful ultraviolet rays can be removed. At the same time, a very high shading rate means better privacy protection. The Balcony Privacy Fence can cooperate with your balcony fence to build a very good visual barrier to protect your private space. The Balcony Privacy Fence is also called balcony screen, balcony privacy fence net, privacy cloth, privacy cover, etc.
The Balcony Privacy Fence has the following advantages, which can perfectly protect your private space.
High shading rate, better privacy protection ability, and protect your own space from the influence of neighbors or pedestrians.
The installation is convenient and fast. It is pre installed with metal grommets, which can be easily fixed to the fence with ties or ropes. Convenient, fast and firm.
The Balcony Privacy Fence has many expansion functions, which can create shadows for the balcony, provide safety protection for pets or infants, and also protect the balcony from wind and snow.
The Balcony Privacy Fence has a very long service life due to the use of high-density polyethylene materials.
The Balcony Privacy Fence can maximize the protection of your balcony privacy, allowing you to fully enjoy the independent space of the balcony and realize the freedom of the balcony. The balcony is a part of our space, but it is easy to be disturbed by the eyes of pedestrians or neighbors. The privacy screen can save you this trouble.
The new weaving process has a more efficient shading effect.
A higher shading ratio means a lower cost investment than shading fabrics with the same shading ratio.
Using better raw materials, it has better anti ultraviolet effect and longer service life.low price NETS
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