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Biographie Biochemical Reagent in stock Description
Albumin is the main protein component in human plasma and serum. It is a comprehensive protein nutritional index, accounting for 55% to 65% of total protein. Albumin is relatively small in volume, so it is a useful indicator of glomerular and other membrane integrity. High albumin is related to dehydration, and the decrease of albumin is often accompanied by the decrease of total protein, which is mainly seen in malnutrition, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, etc. Diabetes, hyperthyroidism, high fever and other diseases will lead to excessive protein intake. This Albumin Reagent is used to detect the content of albumin. Its principle is that bromocresol green (BCG) reacts with albumin reagent in succinic acid buffer to form a colored complex. Detect the absorbance of the reaction at 600 锝?630 nm. The absorbance was positively correlated with the volume concentration of albumin reagent.
Performance Characteristics
1. Large Linearity锛欶or Albumin - Up to 70 g/L.
2. Good Accuracy锛欶or the determination of reference materials, the relative deviation should not exceed 卤 6%.
3. Excellent Precision锛歐ithin run repeatability CV 鈮?2%; between run relative range (R) 鈮?5%.
Product name: Albumin Reagent
BCG 0.2 mmol/L
Brij35 4.0 mL/L
Calibration锛欰lbumin 35g/L
UD-Bio provides Albumin reagent available in various configurations and kit sizes to suit large laboratory&Plant 鈥榮 needs, like 10L/25L/50L etc.
Applied Instrument
Albumin reagent can be applied on automated clinical chemistry analyzers of difrente brands, for example:
Hitachi 7020/7060/7100/7170/7180/7600/3100/3500/LABOSPECT 006/008AS锛?/p>
Beckman AU400/AU480/AU640/AU680/AU2700/AU5421/UnicelDxC600/UnicelDx C800/AU5800锛?Abbott c4000/c8000/c16000/Alinity c锛?/p>
SIEMENS ADVIA1800/ADVIA 2400/ADVIA Chemistry XPT/Dimension RxLMax/Atellica CH930锛?/p>Biochemical Reagent in stock
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