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Biographie Carbon Fiber manufacturers Application example of 6K Two-way Carbon Fiber Fabric
Because of its light weight and high strength, carbon fiber bidirectional cloth is widely used in sports equipment that requires exercisers' strength, and shows its unique advantages. A few examples are given below.
With the rapid development of social economy, bicycles are not only a means of transportation, but also appear in daily life as a tool for fitness, exercise and competition. Therefore, it is also an opportunity for development to improve the performance of bicycles. Generally speaking, 6K two-way carbon fiber fabric can be used in the four parts of the bicycle frame, front fork parts, crankshaft, and seat bracket. The application of carbon fiber two-way cloth with light weight, high strength and good plasticity can reduce the weight of the bicycle and facilitate the rider to better control the bicycle body. At the same time, the carbon fiber two-way cloth can give the bicycle a beautiful appearance and excellent rigidity and shock absorption performance.Carbon Fiber manufacturers
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