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Biographie Green Tea Fannings suppliers COMPANY PROFILE
Hunan Yiqingyuan Everspring Tea Co., Ltd., located in Changsha, Hunan was set in Jan. 2013.
Own factory cover an area of 29,000 sqm, equipped with 320 sets of tea machines including a fully automatic production line. Our management system is certificated with HACCP, ISO9001, QS, Rainforest Alliance Certification, our annual production capacity is up to 6,000MT.
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Own tea gardens are more than 2,000 ha which employ local farmers to manage tea plantation with ecological method. By offering the job, help over 7,000 local families to improve life.
Ecological tea plantation, clean workshop and warehouse, good management practice, and well-trained workers are the guarantee of good quality teas.
also own a very excellent international trade department which consists of professional quality control, experienced shipping coordinator, and passionate sales team who can provide your good pre-sale and after-sale service.
Yiqingyuan Everspring is like a Tea Supermarket where customers can find all Chinese teas. We have retail packaged products, also loose teas. OEM, customizing packaging is available.
We cooperate with tea companies in Russia, Ukraine, US, UK, Germany, Canada, Poland, Sri Lanka, Uzbek, Middle East and Africa. We always open to new cooperation and willing to forward the best teas to the world.
Tea inspection,tea testing
Professional tea making workshop
Tea house across China
Yiqingyuan headquarters in Changsha, Hunan,China
Factory in Chunhua town,Changsha
Factory in Anhua county,Hunan
Anhua Yiqingyuan Tea Horse Post House
Beautiful ecological tea garden
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