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Biographie MagneticBuzzerManufacturs Technical parameters
Measuring condition
Part shall be measured under a condition (Temperature: 5锝?5鈩? Humidity: 45%锝?5%R.H., Atmospheric pressure: 860 锝?060hPa) unless the standard condition (Temperature: 25卤3鈩? Humidity: 60卤10%R.H. Atmospheric pressure: 860 锝?060hPa) is regulated to measure.
1Rated Voltage3Vo-p
2Operating Voltage2锝?Vo-p
3Rated CurrentMax.80mA , at 2731Hz 50% duty Square Wave 3Vo-p
4Sound Output at 10cmMin. 85dB, at 2731Hz 50% duty Square Wave 3Vo-p
5Coil Resistance16卤4惟
6Resonant Frequency2731Hz
7Operating Temperature-20鈩冿綖+70鈩?/p>
8Store Temperature-30鈩冿綖+80鈩?/p>
9Net WeightApprox 0.8g
*Unit: mm; Tolerance: 卤0.5mm Except Specified
*Housing Material: Black PBT
Frequency Response
3Vo-p 50% duty Square wave, 10cm
PVC box, 100PCS/box, 8000pcs/box
Delivery, shipping and service
1. Extensive production experience: We are specialized in Buzzer, Speaker Alarm and Ultrasonic sensor with an experience of 25 years
2. Strict Physical/Chemical testing procedures: Meeting the requirements of the product design and process, providing reliable testing data.
3. Our company focus is on research and development. For one speaker to change the traditional speaker structure, Improvement of Automated Production Process. Through the improvement of the speaker structure, Under the premise of the speaker is not changing the performance and service life, conducive to automation, it can be reduced the cost effectively.
Q: Would you have a discount if l have a large order?
A: Yes we could offer different discount according to your order quantity.
Q: Where is your factory located?
A: Our factory address is: No.2, Industry Road, ZhengLu town, ChangZhou City, JiangSu Province, ChinaMagneticBuzzerManufacturs
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