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Biographie Easy Exchanging Plug-in Retrofit LED Linear Module As a specialist in modern, efficient ,advanced LED lighting for sport applications,DUALRAYS LIGHTING Co.,LTD. is one of the leading professional technology and marketing oriented NHTE (National High Technology Enterprise) in R&D,manufacturing,sales and service of intelligent, healthy and efficient sport LED luminaires.
銆€銆€Our main products covers both indoor sport lighting and outdoor sport lighting,with low glare,intelligence,health and high efficience.
銆€銆€We have strong R&D team which work closely to Marketing and Sales Department,and strict quality control system and facilities to ensure the quality, and we have built strategic partnership with the international top brands,such as CREE,PHILIP LUMILEDS,NICHIA,MEANWELL,PHILIPS ect, we have set up our own engineering laboratory for safety test,such as the Photometric testing, EMI testing, EMC testing, Surge Testing, ESD testing, IES file etc.
銆€銆€All of our LED luminaires comply with CE,RoHS standards,and for the leading products,it is also TUV,ENEC,VDE,SAA,C-Tick,LM79,LM80,CB listed,we focus on Western Europe and Oceania market , the LED luminaires have been completely proven to be independent innovations and intellectual property.
銆€銆€We are proud to provide innovative designs,affordable LED luminaires,high-touch service, excellent customer experience for the leading distributors,wholesalers and contractor from Europe and Oceania.
銆€銆€In addition,we can provide our customers value added service with Dialux software for lighting design projects free of charge.

(DIALUX Simulation)
銆€銆€DUALRAYS adheres to independent innovation, Dualraysers try to build a world well-known industrial LED lighting brand.銆€銆€
(Customer Portfolio)
銆€銆€DUALRAYS is practicing the enterprise management principle 鈥淧erfect or Nothing鈥?
Technology Light Up Civilization!Easy Exchanging Plug-in Retrofit LED Linear Module
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