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Biographie Wholesale Elegent Table Cloth

About Our Company
Hangzhou Topen Houseware Co., Ltd is an integrated enterprise, focusing on developing and sales pvc series products.
Branch factory founded in 1998, is one of the biggest manufacture of pvc products in China, the main products are pvc table cloth, pvc self adhesive foil, pvc anti-slip mat, pvc yoga mat and so on. More than 95% products are exported to 120 countries.
Rolling machine
printing machine
compound machine
package machine
subsection machine

With the integration of ERP, CRM and E-commerce O2O marketing, Topen roundly serve different purchasers and users over 27 countries and areas around the globe. Topen is aiming to bulid the platform for the industry's best materials supply.
At Topen, We Put People First:
We have a company culture of trust, flexibility and reliability, and we are constantly striving for top performance.
We value our employees and customers and believe that people are the basis for success in the consumer market.
We are committed to realising the personal vision of each client and have the expertise to embrace challenging design ideas.
Professional technical support
Sincere, friendly and professional attitude towards our customers.
trust relationship
Clarity, transparency and an atmosphere of trust with those who work for and with us, building lasting, professional relationships.
respect the environment
Respecting our environment around us, the environment of society as a whole, fulfilling our obligation to have a positive social impact and minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.
To promote and encourage a spirit of continuous improvement in all aspects of the company's staff in order to ensure the sustainable development of our company in the future.
Certificate Display

Sales Market
We believe in quality first, mutual benefits and long-term cooperation. We follow strict quality control policies and high standard for excellence. With the best quality, good service and reasonable prices Many customers
Our products are being exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other regions in large quantities. These products are also used for many companies in mainland China directly or as replacement for imported material. Debao has won many praise and got consistent positive feedback from our customers.

Look forward to long-term and stable cooperation with you. Wholesale Elegent Table Cloth
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