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Biographie rechargeable 2600mah battery manufacturers About Us
XUPAI manfactures lead acid battery since 1995. It is top 3 lead acid battery manufacturer for electrical bike in China. It is the leading supplier of lead acid battery in China, is specialized in R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of
high-tech enterprise. XUPAI Group has abundent experience with product development and manufacturing in the fields of power batteries, storage batteries, and UPS batteries.
O'cell has been R&D and manufacturing LiFePO4 battery since 2008. Real-cell is a new Li-ion battery manufacturing facility which owns full-automatic production lines since 2017.
Superpack is established in 2018 and the management team of Superpack is the co-founder and shareholder of O'cell and Real-cell. XUPAI occupys 60% share of Superpack. Superpack specialize in design and manufacture of Li-ion battery packs, smart chargers and efficient power supplies across a broad range of portable, motive and stationary applications.
Founded by XUPAI in 2018, our team have nearly a decades of experience designing integrated power systems for global OEMs. Our broad market/application expertise, technology agnostic approach, and vertical integration allow us to deliver safe, reliable & innovative power solutions at an exceptional speed to market.
Superpack inherits the experience of Li-ion battery R&D, manufacturing from O'cell. Real-cell offers first class Li-ion cells and XUPAI offers financial support which makes Superpack grow up quickly.
Superpack possesses technologies and experiences to provide fully integrated products & solutions for lithium-ion based green energy applications, including Medical Device, Electric Vehicle , Energy Storage System, Defence & Security, Industrial Electronics and so on.
Zhejiang PlantShenzhen PlantDongguan PlantYichang Plant
What Do We Do?
Rich practical experience in lithium ion batteries pack since 2002.
Own-developed BMS to guard product safety and service life.
Wide-range products from Wh to KWh for more applications.
Expertise in different chemistries, including LCO/NMC and LiFePO4.
R&D is customer-demand driven, to satisfy customer needs.
Offering customized solutions, and OEM/ODM available.
Advanced production facilities are well-equipped in our ISO factory.
Why Choose Us?
Our ISO-compliant factory is equipped with the most advanced machines, which enable us to maintain the highest quality.
Over 10 years鈥?practice in battery pack design and assembly, our team has gained much valuable expertise on creating an optimum battery pack.
We have concentrated on BMS R&D for many years, which can support up to 1000V. Based on that, we also developed our own BMS for energy storage system.
Our R&D team has 8 years average experience and many of them are experts in their own fields. Every year around 10% of revenue is invested on R&D, to ensure our products keep going on innovation.
Over the years, we have developed a wide range of solutions for different customized applications, which enable us to quickly respond and provide customers with good solutions & competitive price.
To ensure the quality of all our products, we have built and deployed strict quality control and assurance standards in addtion to well-structured inspection procedures at each critical step of our production process. rechargeable 2600mah battery manufacturers
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